What to do when Flash is no longer around.

TL;DR: Flash is being phased out, but you still have options if you want to continue playing Tanki Online. Details below.


As you know, Tanki Online was built on Flash technology. Unfortunately, in July, the Chrome browser will once again be upgraded, and running Flash will become a bit more complicated than it is now. And it will also be more problematic.

We currently have a working HTML5 version of Tanki Online, but we’re not quite happy with its performance yet. So, we have been rebuilding the HTML5 version that —according to preliminary estimates— will work faster than Flash and than the current html5. Moreover, it will correct some of the so-called “early-life problems” still currently plaguing the game’s architecture. In short, it will be faster, cooler and more stable.

However, the new HTML5 version is still in the works. So in the meantime, you’ll have a few different options for playing Tanki Online.

Option 1 – Chrome

The second option is a bit of a headache, and you’ll only be able to do it AFTER Version 76 of Chrome is rolled out.

  1. You will need to go to Chrome settings, look for Flash and click on «Allow».
  2. Next, you’ll have to go to the PlayPark Tanki Online homepage and click “Play”.
  3. When the game window appears, you’ll have to click on the padlock icon and click «Allow». And, every time you restart your browser, you’ll need to do the thing with the padlock again.

Yes, it’s a bit of a pain, but if you absolutely want to play on the Chrome browser, you’ll just have to put up with it.

Option 2 – The current HTML5 version

Your third option is to use the existing HTML5 version. Remember, this version is not optimized, so it probably won’t work well on older computers.

You’ll notice some very minor differences from the Flash game — mainly the fonts. And remember, you’ll need a computer with a decent graphics card to run it.

So make sure you’re prepared with one of these three options in July, because with the Chrome update, Flash is expected to become problematic.

Some additional news

Once we launch the new HTML5 version, we also plan on re-working the game interface. It will be more informative, and easier to understand and navigate. The design will change both in the menu and in battle.

Keep your eyes on the news. More updates are coming soon.