Purchasing Crystals and Premium Account

In order to buy crystals or Premium Account time, you need to:

1. Log in to PlayMall using the login method you used to register for Tanki Online at https://playmall.playpark.com/Login.aspx

2. Click on the TOP UP button once you have logged in successfully to PlayMall.

3. Select method of TOP UP you wish to use.

4. If you selected LevelUP! Enter the Card Code Serial and Password.

5. If you choose PayPal, select the amount you wish to load. Please take note that this option may only be used if you have a valid PayPal account with sufficient balance linked to your PlayMall account.

6. Once you have successfully topped up, your balance will be reflected on the upper right.

7. Click on the Tanki Online Button to convert your Points to ATC.

8. Select the amount of ATC you wish to convert using your available points.

9. Once you have successfully converted the amount of ATC you desire, you may now purchase from the Tanki Shop using your ATC.

Enjoy! See you in-game Tanker!