Results — WAR of Super Powers Tankers!

The WAR of Super Powers has come to its conclusion. And since so many of you have been asking, here are some cool facts about this WAR.

The most popular paint was Crusher, followed by Cap, and Tarantula in the last place.

The most completed mission was the K/D Ratio mission followed by the Overdrive mission in second place, and the Nuclear Energy mission in third place.

We remind you that since Juggernaut mode is not available in the mobile version of the game, we made this mission was optional, so it  was not required for getting the «Thankos’ Armor» paint grand prize. However, those who completed the mission, still got the designated reward.

We hope you had a great time with the WAR of Super Powers. Make sure you let us know what you enjoyed about it, and what we can do better next time.