Patch Update #574 – Released 11th October 2019

Changes in the new HTML5 and Flash versions

  • Updated how Gear Score is calculated.
  • Removed «Team Juggernaut» mode on «Brest» map.
  • Magnum:
    • Reduced average splash damage from 50% to 30%.
  • Mammoth’s overdrive:
    • Increased range from 7 meters to 7,5 meters;
    • Increased loading speed from battle points by 20%.
  • Renamed tankoin-containers to coinboxes.
  • Disabled DM mode daily missions.

Changes in the new HTML5 version:

  • Main chat can now be launched from any screen by pressing the ТАВ key.
  • Interface now remembers chat window width.
  • Battle chat now hides automatically when inactive during battle.
  • Added special menu for choosing paints category.
  • Added a setting to display nickname of the player who has dropped a gold box.
  • Changed overdrive loading indicator.
  • Multiple changes in translations.
  • Multiple changes in the UI.